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We are P.R.I.M.E.
We believe in the Process over the outcome.  Respect and Integrity for others and the game define who we are.  A positive Mentality drives us in our pursuit of Excellence.  We are P.R.I.M.E!
The Georgia Prime Fastpitch Softball Organization is focused on developing each player to their maximum potential.  We aim to provide each player with the best offensive and defensive coaching within the state to help them to reach new heights.
Should you choose to join the Prime program, you should understand that softball is secondary.  We want to teach our players that they have the ability to change the world with their actions and personality through the game of softball.  Shortly said - we want to develop great people, who happen to also play the game of softball.
Our ultimate vision is to develop our girls to become "A" players by the time colleges come looking for their next big talent.  We do not chase trophies.  We chase the goal of making each young lady that joins our program the best overall person and player that they choose to be.
It is impossible to fail on our field. Period.  We believe that you are winning or learning - never losing.
Process > Outcome

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